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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Schmoopie Christmas Tale

Once upon a time….

A lady was sad. Her grandson was tragically killed in an automobile accident – way before his time. This kind of thing can make anyone cry…but when it happens in your own family, it becomes a consuming grief that is incredibly hard to shake. In this instance, the lady was so sad and upset that she informed friends of hers that she was not going to see her favorite singer in concert. She had been looking forward to seeing a concert with the singer for many months, but even this singer could not get this woman out of her funk. Finally, her son convinced her that she should attend the show…


The singer started his Christmas concert tour. It really did not begin well for him. He found out that it was snowing, and hard, at the location of the first concert, and he was going to have to cut his birthday celebration short to get to the venue. He had been looking forward to spending his birthday in his new home with family and friends; instead, he was whisked away, and finally arrived at his first “home away from home” for a month – a day earlier than planned.

The day of the opening show, it continued to snow, but many, many, many fans attended, and the show was not cancelled. Our lady friend, however, was not at this show.

The singer gave his all during the entire show…but toward the end, he started to struggle. Fans in the audience noticed, and became a bit concerned. He kept trying, however…giving his heart, but at a key moment, during his encore, his voice faltered. The audience tried their best to send him love and appreciation by giving him a standing ovation…even while their hearts were probably breaking at the sound of his voice at that moment. The singer left the stage, and many of the fans were stunned. How could he continue the tour if his voice was giving out already?

The tour went on, and the singer traveled to the next venue. The fans congregated on that cold night, excited and yet a bit worried. The concert started, and everything sounded incredible to the audience. The singer sang with incredible passion and fire. He left the stage before the encore, and the tension in the room rose slightly. The fans knew what was coming next.

The singer appeared…and this is what he did:

In her seat, the lady who suffered the tragedy of losing her grandson listened for the first time ever to the song. She cried, and smiled. And for a few moments, all really was well in her life.

The convergence of the triumph of the singer and the lifting of the burden of a heavy heart from a special lady for a few minutes is something I will always remember. I truly believe that God is with those who ask for help in their lives. In this instance, God provided.

Thanks to jojoct for taking the incredible video, preserving a memory for all time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWWWW what a wonderful christmas tale.

thanks for sharing...I loved it.

yup all is well...


9:59 PM

Blogger Shell said...

Thank you for sharing this story. My heart goes out for this woman's loss.

11:41 PM


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